We are like these tall and sturdy trees
Growing roots where we are planted
Stretching our branches up and out
Being nourished by

Earth – Rain – Light – Wind – Each other

Our roots – mostly invisible – connecting underground
Our branches touching
We absorb and release
We nurture ourselves and each other

Inspiring – Supporting – Holding on

When the storm comes
When the place we call home
Becomes less friendly and uncertain at times
We stand tall
Because we are held

Unlike the trees
We are not always conscious or aware
Of the myriad ways, we are being supported and nurtured
How we too have to reach through our roots and spread our branches
In this world of ours that needs us
To stay strong and resilient
But also soft and inspired

At this month’s gathering, we will come together
to be with one another and explore the many ways we

Absorb – Release – Connect


Monday, August 2
07:00– 8:30 PM EST

via Zoom

RSVP by replying to this email

Payment accepted via
Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Prepare by choosing a quiet space or nook with a comfortable chair, a pillow,
and whatever helps you feel warm and cozy.
Plan for quiet, uninterrupted time – about 90 minutes.
Make a cup of your favorite tea, have a glass of water, your journal, or
drawing pad, and pencils nearby.
Light a candle.

The guided meditation section of our evening
will be recorded and sent to you following our gathering.

You are also invited to join our circle on
Mondays @ 09:00 AM EST for a 40-minute session that includes
a short reading based on the month’s topic,
time to breathe and be still, and a short discussion.
I am there every Monday. You are welcome to join me whenever you can.

As always, I look forward to sharing space with you.