Course Descriptions

Module 1 Laying the Foundation
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 The Journey
Unit 3 Your Intention
Module 2 Mindful Wellness
Unit 1 On Wellness
Unit 2 Dimensions of Wellness
Unit 3 On Mindfulness
Unit 4 Being Mindful
Unit 5 Becoming the Witness
Module 3 Common Obstacles and Road Blocks
Unit 1 Your Truth
Unit 2 What's Stopping You?
Unit 3 Saying No is an act of self-care and self-respect and it doesn’t have to be hard.
Module 4 Own It
Unit 1 An Open Mind
Unit 2 Love Your Body
Unit 3 Cherish Your Heart
Unit 4 Where To?
Module 5 Making it Happen!
Unit 1 Good Enough!
Unit 2 Your Turn
Unit 3 Congratulations!

Module 1 Introduction to The Art of Moving Forward
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Your Intention
Unit 3 Your Definition of Success
Module 2 Endings and New Beginnings
Unit 1 The Seasons of Change Overview
Unit 2 The Seasons of Change by the Season
Unit 3 The Seasons of Change Questionnaires
Module 3 Imagine
Unit 1 In the Moment
Unit 2 Gathering Clues
Module 4 Creating Your Vision
Unit 1 Your Vision Statement
Unit 2 You're Here Now
Module 5 Laying the Foundation
Unit 1 Your New Beginning
Unit 2 Your List of Letting Go
Unit 3 Letting Go in Action
Module 6 Your Next Chapter
Unit 1 Moving Forward
Unit 2 Change
Unit 3 Congratulations!
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