“How might we be recalled into the present
by turning the handle of this door?
Could we use it as a means to slow down,
to ask ourselves what new doors there are to pass through,
both in our relationships
and occupations?”

Gunilla Norris

Here we are, standing in present time, reflecting, weighing the possibilities, options, and choices that are slowly presenting themselves … doors opening and closing accordingly.

There may be no guarantees or a detailed map as we begin to put one foot in front of the other but we’ve been around long enough to know that there will be hidden gems, small miracles, and detours along the way.

We have grown stronger and more resilient. We’ve been working on being softer and kinder with ourselves. We’re becoming aware of the shape of our lives, what works and what doesn’t, what allows us to be at peace with ourselves, and what throws us off balance. We’re becoming better at making choices.

Which doors are we going to open and walk through?

What are we going to invite into our lives?

What do we need to close the door to?

Each day a treasure chest, filled with endings and new beginnings, decisions, choices, insights, and possibilities. We bring with us lessons learned the day before. There are moments of beauty, boredom, joy, sadness, companionship, and loneliness. We make mistakes and start again. We win some and lose some.

By listening and observing all that is said around us as well as in our heads, we begin to understand.

Join me for this month’s gathering
“On Doors”

February 1, 2021

07 – 8:30 PM EST via Zoom


Payment accepted via Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Bring your dilemmas, challenges, and hopes.

We will practice stillness and be attentive to ourselves and each other.

We will explore and discuss the changes that are unfolding in our lives, what we’re learning about ourselves, and the path that is opening ahead.

How to prepare

Prepare by choosing a private space or nook with a comfortable chair, a pillow, and whatever helps you feel warm and cozy. Let people know that you will not be available for approximately an hour and a half. Make a cup of your favorite tea and have your journal or drawing pad and pencils nearby.

I look forward to sharing space with you.