Endings and new beginnings.
Doors closing, others opening.
New pathways forming.

“Our lives are lived one step at a time.
We set out on our seemingly outer journeys to arrive at something inner.”
– Gunilla Norris

What is awakening within? What is asking to be healed?
As you look around, taking in the landscape, what do you notice?
There are paths unfurling as you step forward.
The landscape is made of your dreams, desires, consequences, and hopes.
It has its own rhythm and is sustained and nurtured by the waters of
your life’s blueprint.

“In the Celtic world, wells were sacred places.
They were seen as threshold places between the deeper, dark unknown subterranean world and the outer world of light and form.
When a well awakens in the mind, new possibilities begin to flow, and you find
within yourself a depth and excitement that you never knew you had.”
– John O’Donohue

During this month’s gathering, we will be going to the well for inspiration,
guidance, and healing.

“To The Well”

Monday, June 7
07:00– 8:30 PM EST

via Zoom

Payment accepted via
Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Prepare by choosing a quiet space or nook with a comfortable chair, a pillow,
and whatever helps you feel warm and cozy.
Let people know that you will not be available for approximately an hour and a half.
Make a cup of your favorite tea, have a glass of water, your journal, or
drawing pad and pencils nearby.

The guided meditation section of our evening together
will be recorded and sent to you following our gathering.

If you wish, you are also invited to join me on
Mondays @ 09:00 AM EST for a 40-minute session that includes
a short reading based on the month’s topic, time to breathe and be still,
and a short discussion.
I will be there every Monday. You can join me whenever you can.

As always, I look forward to sharing space with you.