Every time you leave home,
Another road takes you
Into a world you were never in.

May you travel in an awakened way,
Gathered wisely into your inner ground;
That you may not waste the invitations
Which wait along the way to transform you.

May you travel safely, arrive refreshed,
And live your time away to its fullest;
Return home more enriched, and free
To balance the gift of days which call you.

– John O’Donohue from For the Traveler

It is said that,
A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for,
and I understand that.
A ship is meant to embark on open seas,
and face the elements on its way to faraway places.

But like all sayings that stir our imagination
and fuel our actions and resolve,
this one too has its time and place,
and we need to be attentive to what our ship needs.

There are times we are called to seek refuge and safety,
to moor at port, and wait for the tide and winds to change,
and become more favorable.

These are the times when we pause to care for the ship and
come to know the port that provides refuge, rest, and safe passage.
Because although a ship is not built to remain safely at port for too long,
it is not meant to be left unmoored for too long either.

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