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As a life coach and retreat leader, Yota works with women seeking clarity, inspiration, and purpose in the midst of life changes. Her approach is intuitive and deeply influenced by her cultural roots, work and life experience, and her long-term practice of mindfulness meditation.


  • Kathleen Lauterbach

    I so appreciated the guidance you offered. It is always gentle and judgement free. I liked getting back into journaling. The breathing and reflection exercises really were so eye-opening for me. Things I never expected came up. It also helped to calm and relax me. I enjoyed meeting Linda and Twink. It is always affirming to know others experience some of the same emotions and feelings you do. It is also helpful to hear how they handle the journey. As always, time with you is always well spent.

  • Yota Schneider

    Thank you for your comments and generous feedback. I loved being with you and I learned so much from working with you.

    I hope you continue on the journey of self-care and kindness towards yourselves and others. Who you are and how you live make a difference in this crazy world.

    Please stay in touch and I’ll do the same.

    Big hugs.

  • Twink McKenney

    I loved the whole experience! Even though it felt like it wasn’t the best timing – in hindsight – it was perfect. It got me thinking and pausing in important ways. Your presence and the process you created took me gently but firmly into places of chaos to begin making sense of them. The retreat has impacted me on a very subtle level and from that it feels as if things have started to shift — gracefully. Thank you so much, Yota. Linda and Kathy’s willingness to jump right in really helped, too. Appreciate you both and hope to connect again.

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