As a life coach and retreat leader, Yota works with women seeking clarity, inspiration, and purpose in the midst of life changes. Her approach is intuitive and deeply influenced by her cultural roots, work and life experience, and her long-term practice of mindfulness meditation.


  • Linda Samuels

    I have prioritized self-care in the past several years. The care continues to morph and change, but there are certain things that I’ve integrated into my days. They include:

    – Practicing daily mindfulness meditation
    – Taking yoga class 2-3 times a week
    – Dental flossing and brushing my teeth
    – Engaging in a regular facial care routine
    – Bathing/showering and moisturizing daily (almost daily)
    – Writing in my journals and blog (questionable about the blog being self-care, because there are other reasons for it, but I’m including it too.)
    – Taking one-on-one walks with my girlfriends and with Steve
    – Talking with friends and family via Zoom, text, email, or phone
    – Exploring emotions, thoughts, and growth opportunities through retreats and courses like this one
    – Walking every day (at least once, if not more)
    – Maintaining fairly consist sleep habits, as in waking up and going to sleep at same time each day
    – Eating healthfully
    – Listening to my inner voice
    – Allowing myself to stop working when – I will say to self, “It’s time, Linda.”
    – Being kind and encouraging to self, especially when I start down the “I’m not enough” or “feeling guilty for…” paths
    – Balancing the needs of self with the needs of others

  • Twink McKenney

    Self care…. begins with a morning meditation. Energy work/yoga. Clothes that are comfy. Organic healthy foods. Time for a relaxed walk. Facials at an amazing school here in my town – the students are so good – and every time I finish a big project I schedule one. Writing. Reading and listening to podcasts. My new favorite is Nassim Harrimein a rogue physicist. Love learning and find the yoga tradition, astrology and healthy living are constant sources of inspiration and expansive insights.

  • Kathleen Lauterbach

    In terms of self care I have tried to:
    Make sure a have an hour or two to myself every morning
    Have some reflective time before bed
    Write more in my journal
    Try to increase tolerance for clutter and disorder at times
    Be less in charge of everything

    How am I doing?
    I would say I am halfway there. I need to make sure there is a balance of me time and taking care of others and the house time.

    Absolute Must Haves:
    Quiet time in the morning
    Time outside of the house
    A place in the house where it orderly and calm.

    The reality:
    The day can get away from you. Sometimes I get too involved in household projects. As people have told me, I can make a task bigger than it needs to be. You bring home food and putting it away suddenly becomes redoing the whole pantry.
    Other people’s needs will usually take precedent over mine
    It is too easy to make excuses for not getting outside- it’s rainy, it’s too cold, need to wait for something etc.

    Habits that get in the way:
    Always taking charge of everything and feeling I am the only one who can do it well.

    Habits I want to adopt;
    Daily walks in the morning -regardless!
    A regular schedule for meals and bedtime.
    Write more/ takes regular time to reflect

    Support I need:
    Negotiate what I need with Babs
    Rough out a schedule for the day
    Meal planning and time zones.

  • Yota Schneider

    It’s truly inspiring to read your observations of self-care habits and challenges.

    Isn’t it amazing how when we sit down and start reflecting on everything we do, we discover that self-care can animate everything we do … from the smallest details and habits to the biggest life decisions.

    It’s as if self-care can serve as our north star. By keeping it in the forefront as we negotiate time, space, work, health, and relationships, we can improve our experience of life. It’s an act of love.

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