Yota works with women who are in the midst of personal and professional changes and milestones. Her approach is deeply influenced by her cultural roots, work and life experience, and her long-term practice of mindfulness meditation. In addition to her work with individual clients, Yota speaks and writes on mindful living, overcoming self-doubt, and the art of letting go.


  • Linda Samuels

    One outcome of the pandemic has been an increased sensitivity to being around people that drain my energy. In general, I’ve always enjoyed being around people, no matter who they were. However, being home and with people less, had made the negative interactions with people more noticeable. It has made me question whether I want to limit or spend any time with them.

    I’ve feel more empowered and protective to chose my interactions. It’s not that I wasn’t selective before the pandemic. I was to some extent. But I think I was more accepting overall. The pandemic has created a heightened sensitivity, perhaps a rawness to challenge. I know I’m not alone in this. One of my friends shared that she’s become hypersensitive to sound and small challenges that arise. Prior to the pandemic, she navigated both of those with ease.

    With most change, awareness comes first. I am absolutely in that phase. I will continue to develop this awareness of the feelings that arise (pleasant and not-so-pleasant) as I interact with family, friends, and clients. Ideally, or maybe practically, I want to minimize the less-satisfying connections, and increase the positive, nourishing ones.

    • Yota Schneider

      That’s a great observation, Linda. Heightened sensitivity to what we used to tolerate. It’s like a curtain has been pulled back, inviting us to take a closer look at everything.

      You’re right about the need for expanded awareness as we go through change. Awareness gives us power and sharpens our senses. It’s the prelude to meaningful action and building resilience.

      • Linda Samuels

        Oh! I love the imagery you offer – “like a curtain has been pulled back, inviting us to take a closer look at everything.” Here’s to keeping the curtain open for the best view possible.

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