Your Definition of Success

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As a life coach and retreat leader, Yota works with women seeking clarity, inspiration, and purpose in the midst of life changes. Her approach is intuitive and deeply influenced by her cultural roots, work and life experience, and her long-term practice of mindfulness meditation.


  • Danielle Venturini

    1. Society’s definition of success.
    I struggle with this one. My own thoughts and feelings make it hard to really pinpoint what i think society’s answer would be. If I had to say, it would be..Having a good career/job that pays well. Being financially stable. Never having to want for basic needs. Having things that most people would consider luxuries.

    2. My parents definition of success.
    They got married and had kids young. We were their world. They struggled financially. The only thing they wanted was to give us a better life than they had. They wanted us to go to college and have good jobs. They thought having good job, nice house, debt free and having a family were success. The American dream.

    3. What was I taught about success.
    I think this goes with question 2 from my parents. In school it about the same. It was putting in the work, getting good grades. Getting into the college of your choice.

    4. Success looks like to me.
    It was pretty much the same from what my parents taught me. A little different. It was being financially stable. Having a career that you’re happy with. Being good at it. Meeting your match, starting a family. Not want for anything, and being happy with what you have.

    5. Has your definition changed.
    I have to say yes, in some ways. I still believe in being in a career that you love. Being financially stable, in ways you are disciplined, but grateful. Being the best version of yourself. Having maturity. Loving yourself. Value yourself. Value others. Just an all around bright energy.

    • Yota Schneider

      Thank you Dani,

      For most people the definition of success is what the whole determines it to be. Whole meaning society, school, family, circle of influence.

      As we grow into our lives we may decide to walk a different path or expand the one we’re on.

      As I read through what you wrote, I saw the common thread … success is financial independence, going to school, getting married, starting a family etc.

      When I read your personal definition of success, I noticed there were some add ons … being grateful, mature, and the best version of yourself, loving and valuing yourself, valuing others, and having a good / bright energy.

      This shows me that you have begun to define success for yourself … your personal brand of success. Your brand is being born and fueled by your life’s experience so far … the good, the bad, and everything in between. It’s obvious you’re willing and open to take what life gives and mine it for gold. That to me is, by itself, a great path to defining success for yourself.

      As your definition of success becomes clearer, you begin to, both consciously and subconsciously, form a different set of expectations, goals, and paths for yourself.

      Living a life that is aligned with our values, beliefs, and definitions is what makes us happy, successful, and fulfilled.

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