• Kathleen Lauterbach

    Wellness to me is acceptance of who you are and liking that person. It is being able to make the best out of each day. That is not always easy. Some days you just want to say, “Forget it. I don’t want to get dressed or do anything. “ I am basically pretty happy. I can find joy in a morning cup of coffee and a crossword puzzle. I used to worry a lot about what others thought of me but I finally came to the conclusion I was making myself miserable and the people’s opinions I was worrying about were off living their life. They weren’t giving me a second thought. When I realized that was a real waste of my time life got a lot better.
    It was interesting to watch Trevor Noah’s interview on the Fallon show Monday night. He was talking about how this was not all that different from his everyday life. He was an “indoor” kid. Loved to read, play games, watch tv, read and hang out at home. His Mom had to force him to go outside. He said it really is quite similar. He just now has to do personal interactions on the computer or phone instead of in person. What struck me was how comfortable he was with himself. He enjoys his time at home and even though he worries about the world he still can be happy at home.
    For me the obvious physical wellness is harder to master than the acceptance. I think I have to start looking at how the physical wellness is limiting me and do I want to be held back. I like thinking I can do anything I want and take care of anything I want.
    AN INTERESTING THOUGHT I have been having lately is that I probably have 25 or so years left to experience this world. It is sobering but I also think about what I want that to be like.

  • Yota Schneider

    I loved reading your reply. Acceptance is powerful. It animates a life well lived and it’s the gateway to happiness. And, having mastered acceptance, you deserve to give yourself the gift of physical wellness. Yes, of course, there are aspects of health we don’t have control over. For those aspects, acceptance and flexibility are key.
    For a person as strong and independent as you are, looking at the possibility of being held back by your body when there are aspects you can control, is worth investing your commitment in.

  • Kathleen Lauterbach

    Well Corona Virus Land has knocked us all into a new realm. Stress for me settles in my jaw and I have been experiencing off and on dental and neck pain. I have been to the dentists many times for this and they feel I unknowingly must be clenching my jaw. I use heat and it helps a bit. The news has really freaked me out these days. It is such an insidious disease and it seems like no one knows what really causes it and if you listen to Trump too often it really makes you crazy. Of course it also freaks me out because if it is a tooth problem I don’t have a dentist here. Who in their right mind would want to be putting their hands in someone’s mouth these days.
    We are working on controlling the environment we can though. Slowly getting rid of things and trying to eat a little more responsibly. Not quite able to make the level of commitment I need to, but it is a start.
    The encouraging thing about our walks each day are the signs of Spring. It is a little earlier here than in NY and CT.

  • Yota Schneider

    I’m sorry to hear about your TMJ. I’ve suffered from this for years. The worse was when the girls were two years old. Elinor has it too. It’s painful.

    Elinor has a mouth guard and it helps. I’ve used one too in the past but what helps me the most is managing my stress and anxiety. I do acupuncture, chiropractic, polarity and I do take supplements. Valerian helps.

    I’d suggest using some Arnica gel or cream to apply on your neck. Do you have herbal teas at home? Go to your local health food store and look at their tea selection. Check the Yogi teas out. Maybe you can have a couple of cups of chamomile or lavender tea before you go to bed.

    Ask your dentist about using a mouth guard. And, speaking of dentists …. yes, you do need to find one. That’s a good to-do item for you.

    Try to determine what strategies help you relax. Stay away from the news and social media. Allow yourself a small amount of news craziness per day … at least, until the pain goes away. Go for walks. Take a nap mid day. Drink relaxing tea. Watch comedies and read your favorite books. Anything to take your mind off the crazy, stressful stuff.

    Do what you have control over. The little things that are going to keep you busy, creative, and sane. If you want, we can get on the phone and play around with ideas.

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