Welcome to the Art of New Beginnings!

My name is Yota Schneider, and I work with women who want to make mindful life choices and find clarity and purpose amid change and uncertainty.

Are you

  • Experiencing changes in your relationships, family, or career
  • Working to manifest a new project, or
  • Coping with unexpected change and trying to make sense of it all but can’t see the forest for the trees?

There are three elements that support our journey through change:

  • The willingness to be present with whatever is going on, no matter how challenging it may be
  • The ability to extend loving kindness and compassion to ourselves, and
  • The courage to let go of what does not serve our life anymore.

I am here to provide the support and strategies you need to find clarity, inspiration, and a renewed sense of purpose. Reach out to schedule a time to discuss how I can best support you.

Yota Schneider - Clarity Coach - Meditation Retreats Facilitator - Writer



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