• Experiencing changes in your relationships, family, or career
  • Working to manifest a new project or
  • Coping with unexpected change and trying to make sense of it all but can’t see the forest for the trees?

Welcome to the Art of New Beginnings!

My name is Yota Schneider, and I work with women who seek clarity and direction amid change and uncertainty. My goal is to provide the support and strategies you need to forge your way through personal and professional change.

There are three elements that support our journey through change:

  • The willingness to be present with whatever is going on, no matter how challenging it may be
  • The ability to extend loving kindness and compassion to ourselves and
  • The courage to let go of what does not serve our life anymore.

During our work together, my clients find the clarity, strength, and inspiration they need to make mindful choices and move forward with confidence! I invite you to reach out and schedule a time to discuss how I can best support you. I look forward to hearing from you.



Sharing observations, thoughts, and guidance on finding clarity and direction amid the many seasonal changes in our lives.