Clarity Coaching - One-on-one coaching session - Navigating change - Mindful life choices

How we handle the process of endings and new beginnings is unique to each of us. Sometimes the dance goes two steps forward, and other times, one step backward. Through reflection and mindful action, we eventually arrive at a place of clarity and renewal.

What brought you here?

You may be reinventing your life or career. You may be birthing a new project.

Are you coping with unexpected change and trying to make sense of it all?

Either way, you are at a threshold. You have no idea where it leads to or how to chart your course. You are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and tired.

You don’t have to do this alone.

I know because I am not a stranger to change and transition. I have been down that road many times. My life has evolved along detours, U-turns, and small miracles. When I had the support I needed, the work became easier.

The following three elements can support our journey through times of change and uncertainty:

  • The willingness to pause and be present with whatever is going on, no matter how challenging it may be,
  • The ability to extend loving kindness to ourselves, and
  • The courage to let go of what does not serve our life anymore.

Endings and new beginnings ask for our presence,
self-compassion, and courage.

Take the first step.

Let’s get together for your initial Clarity Coaching session.

During our session, I will ask you a set of questions that will help you identify ways for you to gain some sense of peace and clarity amid uncertainty, and what the best way forward is for you.

You may decide to participate in a retreat, join my monthly gatherings, or continue with one-on-one coaching. Or, you may choose to sit with the insights gained from our session and see what manifests for you.

You can use the form below to book your Clarity Coaching session. The appointment will be one hour long via Zoom video.

Clarity Coaching Session $95

Payment accepted via Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Once we agree on your preferred day and time, I will schedule our Zoom session and forward the link to you.


“I worked with Yota at a time of my life when I had a vague sense of what I needed to accomplish but absolutely NO IDEA how to make it happen. I am very independent, but Yota’s coaching was skillful and just enough at just the right times – with suggestions and creative solutions that were spot-on. Yota is super smart, intuitive, and has a penetrating way about her. Together we brought order out of chaos, and the result was so much better than I could have ever imagined.” T.K.

“At the beginning, I was skeptical about working with a life coach. As we moved along, I quickly came to understand that what she had to offer me was a gift.. a very special one at that. Yota has a way of transcending the mundane, everyday “stuff” and bringing into view what is truly important clearly and concisely. We worked through some very tough personal transition issues, and things became clear for me through seasonal examples. Key concepts were presented in a very easy, non-threatening way and I was able to incorporate strategies that made my daily life a lot more manageable. ” C.L.

“Yota’s straightforward yet empathetic style helps me to determine the “real” issues and address them instead of being caught up in a specific incident. The exercises and meditations that Yota gives aid me in changing my behavior in both mundane and spiritual arenas. These are skills I can call upon whenever I have the need. I believe Confucius said, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” For guidance in taking that first step and staying on the journey, I highly recommend working with Yota.” J.S., Author