• “I have been very fortunate to work with Yota to assist me in making career transitions and identifying my true goals and desires.Yota combines her experience in corporate America with her spiritual practices to provide a truly unique, caring, and individualized approach to coaching. She has been able to assist me on both practical and metaphysical levels and has challenged me to uncover and transform my limiting beliefs so that I am empowered to make positive life choices. I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor. She is a shining example of living what she believes.”


  • “I sought Yota’s expertise during a time of personal transformation. Her compassionate and direct approach was a catalyst of inspiration. Using her keen listening skills, she was able to extract the essence of my obstacles. Yota posed all the right questions that enabled me to address my challenges of my own terms. Her enthusiasm for my success was encouragement above and beyond my expectations.
    When the opportunity for growth and change arises and you sincerely wish to maximize your true potential, I recommend working with Yota.”


  • “It is not often you find a person who is genuinely dedicated to your success, as a well-balanced and happy person. Yota helped me clarify my true priorities and continues to guide me to create my own success in business and in life. She has a tremendous sense of clarity that is quick, to the point and delivers results.”

D.DS., Creative Director and Graphic Designer

  • “Working with Yota, has facilitated a greater level of personal and professional success for me. My self-doubts were gently and purposefully diminished and replaced with self-confidence. My dreams are becoming reality and I have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead.”

K.R., Financial Advisor

  • “During the toughest job search of my career, Yota provided invaluable counsel on how to identify and highlight my strengths as a candidate. Through it all, she helped me maintain my focus and adjust my strategy accordingly, until I was able to cross the finish line. Working with Yota not only prepared me to land the job, it also helped me grow as a leader, a professional and a person.”

D.E., Simulation Developer – Center for International Development

  • “Life coaching gave me the tools to make things “happen.” My work with Yota brought me to a clearer understanding for the need to make a career change. Yota encouraged me to take a closer look and work specifically on my own issues. I became clearer and I realized I had control over my situation.

J.B., Marketing Director

  • “As a life coach, Yota offers all the kindness of a true friend, but has the strength and clarity to move you along until your goals come into clear focus.”

G.B., Marketing Director

  • “Yota’s straight forward yet empathetic style helps me to determine the “real” issues and address them instead of being caught up in a specific incident. The exercises and meditations that Yota gives, aid me in changing my behavior both mundane and spiritual arenas. These are skills I can call upon whenever I have the need. I believe Confucius said “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” For guidance in taking that first step and staying on the journey, I highly recommend working with Yota.”

J.S., Author

  • “Yota Schneider facilitated two workshops for our Marketing and Community Outreach team — one on stress management and one on time management. Each of these was valuable in terms of content, engagement and team-building. Yota’s style was very open, and participants felt affirmed and energized.”

M.S., Vice President of Marketing

  • “At the beginning of my work with Yota, I was skeptical about working with a life coach. As we moved along, I quickly came to understand that what she had to offer me was a gift.. a very special one at that. Yota has a way of transcending the mundane, every day “stuff” and bringing into view what is truly important clearly and concisely. We worked through some very tough personal transition issues and things became clear for me through seasonal examples. Key concepts were presented in a very easy, non-threatening way and I was able to incorporate strategies that made my daily life a lot more manageable. “

C.L. Entrepreneur

  • “My business was growing fast, I was planning for expansion and my employees were having a difficult time with the transition. Open For Success helped me reevaluate my management style, update my job descriptions, and establish a performance review system. As a result, I now have the staff I need to continue growing my business. Bottom line; Open For Success saved me a lot of money in the process.”

G.S., Small Business Owner

  • “Coaching was exactly what I needed. As soon as I started working with Yota, I felt myself becoming more in control and more organized. I felt refreshed and more focused, exactly what I had wanted to achieve. Thank you!”

L.N., Entrepreneur

  • “My goal was to have more life balance and be more present with my family. Yota helped me “own up” to the ways I was defeating myself and overcome some of my unproductive behaviors. I was able to establish healthy boundaries and manage my time better. I now recognize that I always have a choice. Thank you!”

W.M., Advertising Executive

  • “During my work with Yota, I learned techniques that helped me to reduce interruptions, deal with difficult people more effectively, and stay in control of challenging situations. I now have more control of my time at the office, I am delegating and using my resources better, and I can actually enjoy my vacations without feeling guilty!”

E.B., Attorney

  • “Having Yota behind you is like having a squadron of cheerleaders urging you onto greatness!”

G.H., Artist

  • “I’ve been stuck and indecisive about my next move but with her support I was able to stop going around in circles and start moving forward. After completing the Purpose Clarity Program, I was able to make some concrete decisions, prioritize the steps needed to realize my goals, and start making my dreams reality. “

G.B., Marketing Director

  • “Working with Yota stimulates my creative thinking about every aspect of my practice. She is especially good at helping me focus on leadership issues with staff and business partners. The more she knows about my business the better she is as a coach.”


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