The seasons of a year. The return of spring.
The heart grows glad when it can leaf out,
when light and shadow are known to belong to
one another. – Gunilla Norris

Our lives are an artistic endeavor.
We are painters in front of a life-size canvas, co-creating our reality,
brushstroke by brushstroke.
From time to time, we step back to look at our canvas from all angles.
From a distance, we see what needs to be touched up.
At times we have to let go of our original ideas and begin anew.

We are constantly in a state of reinvention.
Never is that more obvious than right now, at the onset of spring.

Opening our front door, stepping outside, paying attention to life springing up everywhere,
the air warming up, the sunlight lingering longer and longer each day.

As we are becoming free from the shackles of cold and ice, we know
We are being invited to step forward and join in.

We have traveled this road before.
Each time a fresh experience. Each time a little different.

There are many paths leading to our destination.
Which paths are unfolding ahead?
How and where do we begin?
Which one will we take first?

Join me

“Outward Bound”

Monday, April 4
07:00– 8:30 PM EST
via Zoom

Payment accepted via
Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Come as you are, bring your dilemmas, questions, and challenges.
Prepare by choosing a quiet space with a comfortable chair, a pillow, or
a place to lie down.
Plan for quiet, uninterrupted time – about 90 minutes.
Make a cup of your favorite tea, have a glass of water, and your journal, drawing pad, and pencils nearby. Light a candle.

As always, you are invited to join our meditation circle on
Mondays @ 09:00 AM EST for a 40-minute session that includes a short reading
based on the month’s topic, a 20-minute meditation, and a short discussion.
Join in whenever you can.

I look forward to sharing space with you.