“Our job is not to comprehend or control everything but to learn which story we are in and which of the many things calling out in the world is calling to us.
Our job is to be fully alive in the life we have, to pick up the invisible thread of our own story and follow where it leads.”

Michael Meade

The fertile path
woven from the stories of our life
and traced among our regrets, successes, and failures
is shaped by our doubts, fears, and hesitation,
but also by our dreams, hopes, and perseverance.

You’ve been walking the fertile path for a long time
but fog may have made the path invisible.
Maybe the storms have been strong and sustained, and
maybe, the dark edge in you has taken its toll.

Maybe you forgot to look behind you
and see love and light urging you forward.
There is light in the darkness and an invitation in doubt,
an invitation to turn it around and let it point the way to healing.

Maybe in your effort to keep going at all costs
you forgot that rest and inspiration are
the wings that can carry you forth, and
there is nothing wrong with that
because forgetting and remembering again
are also part of this path of yours.

What if you named the fears,
confronted the doubt and let them show you the way
to something new and hopeful that is already waiting for you?

Join me for this month’s gathering

“The Fertile Path”

Monday, August 1st
07:00– 8:30 PM EST
via Zoom

Payment accepted via
Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Come as you are, and bring your dilemmas, questions, and challenges.
Prepare by choosing a quiet space with a comfortable chair, a pillow, or
a place to lie down.
Plan for quiet, uninterrupted time – about 90 minutes.
Make a cup of your favorite tea, have a glass of water, and your journal, drawing pad, and pencils nearby. Light a candle.

As always, you are also invited to join our meditation circle on
Mondays and Thursdays @ 09:00 AM EST.

The 40-minute session includes a short reading
based on the month’s topic and a 20-minute meditation followed by a short discussion.
Join in whenever you can.

I look forward to sharing space with you.