• Here. Now.

    Today is the first day of Spring. Only this day of new beginnings is like no other that I remember. We are in the middle of a global epidemic. The world is taken over by a crisis and we’re all trying to muddle through a situation we hardly understand. There’s fear, anxiety, panic, and information overload. There’s also denial and indifference. Supermarket shelves are empty and human nature is laid bare for all to see. There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. I was in a store yesterday staring at empty shelves when a young employee came to see if I could find what I needed. No, I said, the shelves are empty but it’s okay, I’ll come back. He said his mother, who can only go shopping when she gets her paycheck, is not able to buy extra supplies. He’s worried about her. I didn’t know what to say. I felt sad. I’ve been feeling increasingly sad and I know you are too. I’m thinking of the people whose livelihoods are being endangered…

  • Let it Be Light!

    Yesterday, we celebrated the Winter Solstice. Today, we’re well on our journey to letting the light fill our days once again. No matter what your beliefs are and how you choose to celebrate this season, we all share this moment in time – the time when we’re turning towards the light. I hope you take this moment to pause and breathe in the light, love, and peace that’s yours. This light, this love make the best offerings. Share them with all! Thank you for being present with me over the years! Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your gifts with me. I am truly grateful! May joy, hope, good health and peace, be yours to cherish in the days to come! My warmest wishes and blessings for a light and joy-filled season. Peace!

  • Turn on the Light!

    On Tuesday evening, I sat to meditate, in honor of the winter solstice. It was my intention to sit still, breathe and be present in that very moment. I prayed for inspiration and guidance for this coming year. What I received was a deep sense of peace and acceptance. I’ll be holding on to this experience and here’s why. I usually drive myself crazy, trying to do it all well and produce the results I think I should. This last year, my focus has been on being mindful and accepting of what is instead of fighting against it. I’ve been focusing on doing what I can and not getting too hung up on the results. I’ve been giving myself permission to relax more and enjoy the nuances of my life. It must be working because I’ve been feeling lighter, more accepting of myself, and truly grateful. Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support you’ve shown me over the years. You have inspired me in so many ways. My…

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