Although this retreat has already taken place, it can always be facilitated upon demand. If you’re interested in participating by yourself or with a group of your friends, contact me and we’ll set a day and time.

“If you remain generous,
Time will come good;
And you will find your feet
Again on fresh pastures of promise,
Where the air will be kind
And blushed with beginning.”

John O’Dohonue

The holiday season is upon us. It is a time of hope, gratitude, and joy. Our community comes alive and time-honored rituals and beloved traditions are held.

The question in everyone’s mind is…How do we go about celebrating the holidays in the time of a pandemic?

These are not ordinary times and, for many of us, there are feelings of grief and loss in the forefront as we enter the season.

Travel is restricted and concern for our families and friends demands that we adjust our holiday plans. Family gatherings and activities that used to be taken for granted may or may not be happening.

How do we come to terms with the inevitability of a holiday season unlike any other?

Our ability to absorb joy may have been compromised during these past nine months but for our own sake, and for the sake of our loved ones, we need to find the strength to walk back to ourselves and get in touch with who we are and what we stand for.

This is a journey of coping with change and engaging with it from a place of inner strength and creativity. It will take determination and the willingness to go with the flow.

I’ve been thinking of ways to support you during these times and I’ve found that the best way is to provide space where we can gather to breathe, reflect, and explore possibilities.

My retreat last month on “A Time to Breathe: Self-Care in Crazy Times” did exactly that. Here’s what the participants said:

“This retreat was just what I needed. Time to reflect and look at where I am today as we navigate a pandemic. Yota’s support and encouragement made it seem possible to move forward and put in place ways to take care of myself.” – K.L.

“In a gentle, encouraging way, Yota helps you travel to places you didn’t know existed, while sharing her own experiences along the way.” – L.S.

“The retreat has impacted me on a very subtle level and from that it feels as if things have started to shift — gracefully.” – T.M.

Leading up to the holidays, I’ll be offering a mini-retreat, an evening when we can come together and re-envision this tender season.

When – Monday, November 16, 2020 at 7:00 PM EST via Zoom

$25 – Payment accepted via Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Join me and a small group of women to:

  • Breathe and be gentle with our feelings of frustration and uncertainty;
  • Reflect on what the holidays mean to us and share our fondest memories and traditions;
  • Identify our deepest needs this holiday season;
  • Explore possibilities and brainstorm creative ways to adjust and adapt to our new reality;
  • Practice gratitude for all we have and are able to do.

I am looking forward to sharing space with you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.