Breathing in – Breathing out

We absorb what we need to live and thrive.

The air that fills our lungs with life,
the food that nourishes us and keeps us strong,
the beauty our eyes take in,
the sounds that soothe our spirit,
the relationships that sustain us.

The moments of our lives,
rich with texture and often unexplained meaning,
give way to each other as we weave
in and out through the seasons of our lives.

And then, the time comes when we are asked to


Release the old, the outdated, and the unworkable.
Release that which does not fit where we stand –
here – at the threshold of endings and new beginnings,
where our wants, needs, desires, and dreams
are rising up to meet our new chapter.

It matters not what form letting go takes.
Emotions, beliefs, habits, old stuff,
the stories in our head, the stories of our past, and
the opinions of false gods.

The time has come to welcome
a new season, a new mindset, a new way of being.

What is asking to be released?

What needs to be held and nurtured?

How do we know?

This month, we will come together once again,
to be with one another and explore the many faces of letting go.


Monday, September 13
07:00– 8:30 PM EST

via Zoom

Payment accepted via
Venmo @Yota-Schneider or PayPal.

Prepare by choosing a quiet space or nook with a comfortable chair, a pillow,
and whatever helps you feel warm and cozy.
Plan for quiet, uninterrupted time – about 90 minutes.
Make a cup of your favorite tea, have a glass of water, your journal,
drawing pad, and pencils nearby.
Light a candle.

You are also invited to join our circle on
Mondays @ 09:00 AM EST for a 40-minute session that includes
a short reading based on the month’s topic,
time to breathe and be still, and a short discussion.
I am there every Monday. You are welcome to join me whenever you can.

As always, I look forward to sharing space with you.