Have a Stress-Free Morning

How we begin our day can define how our day develops. Looking back through the years, I can see myself as a student, a corporate executive, a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, and a working-from-home mom. No matter what hat I wear, the rule applies . . . Stressful beginnings make for stressful days.

The fact that humans are creatures of habit doesn’t help either. Over and again, I had to reach the end of my rope before I stopped to look at my daily routine and make some changes. Most of the time, a couple of simple changes had the biggest impact.

If you find yourself spinning your wheels in the morning and paying the price for it the rest of the day, try these steps:

  • What creates the most stress for you in the morning?
  • What would your ideal way to start up your day be? Don’t overthink this one. Write down what comes up for you, create a picture.
  • What prevents you from having what you want? Is it old habits? Are you taking too much responsibility and taking care of everybody while neglecting yourself and your needs? Are other people taking you for granted?
  • What is it you can change? Can you adapt the way you do things? Can you ask for help from other people in your household? Be creative! Don’t overlook anything!
  • How can you simplify your morning routine? You can have fun with this one. Our stress level doesn’t go unnoticed. It affects all who live with us. So, include your family. Have a family meeting and discuss how you can make mornings more enjoyable and loving for all.

I hope you give these steps a try! If you want, I’d love to know how it went and what kind of changes helped you the most. You can leave a note in the comments or email me at theartof@gmail.com.

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

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