Change Happens!

“Change is as inevitable as rain in the spring. Some of us just put on our raincoats and splash forward.” ~ Amy Bloom

Being willing to flow with change isn’t always easy, even when we know that change is fundamental to our growth.
Change provides us with opportunities to reflect and evaluate, make adjustments, and open to new possibilities.

Whether change happened by choice or not, whether we view it as positive or negative, we’ll have to go through the process of transformation which, at times, can be challenging.

Change tests our comfort level with uncertainty. As the old gives way to the new, we enter the “I have no clue where I’m going or who I am” land. There is a gap between the familiar and what’s next and it’s in that gap that we feel the most vulnerable. Our fears and doubts, as well as other people’s expectations, begin to weigh down on us.

How do we survive and successfully navigate the gauntlet of transition?

“For a person who’s used to our culture’s way, to wait, let things come, is sometimes the most difficult.” Marie-Louise von Franz

We’re conditioned to push through.
“Make it happen!” says the voice in our head and the people around us chime in. Yet, how do we push through a door we can’t see? How do we become comfortable with waiting, when we don’t know how?

There’s a time to act and there’s a time to stay still, reflect and tend to our needs. There are signs along the way but, more often than not, we get scared and misread them.

Consider what’s happening with you these days.

  • Did you recently go through a change at work or your personal life?
  • Is someone else you’re intimately connected to, undergoing some sort of transition?
  • Do you have less energy than usual?
  • Have you lost interest in what used to excite you?
  • Are you feeling less “social” these days?
  • Are you trying to make decisions but end up feeling confused and unclear?

If any of the above resonates with you, give yourself the gift of quiet time to pause and reflect on what is happening.

If you’d like to read more about the stages of change and transformation, visit The Art of Moving Forward.

Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

As a life coach and retreat leader, Yota works with women seeking clarity, inspiration, and purpose in the midst of life changes. Her approach is intuitive and deeply influenced by her cultural roots, work and life experience, and her long-term practice of mindfulness meditation.

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