The Edge of New Beginnings

There was a full moon last night. I woke up early and went downstairs to make myself a cup of hot water with lemon. I fed the kitty and stood by the kitchen window, waiting for the water to boil. The house was quiet. Outside, the full moon was casting its light on the snow-covered yard. I stood there, breathing, looking up, and in this precious moment, my heart was full, and my mind at peace.

When you regain a sense of your life as a journey of discovery, you return to rhythm with yourself.
When you take the time to travel with reverence, a richer life unfolds before you.
Moments of beauty begin to braid your days.

John O’Donohue – Excerpt from BEAUTY

As you read this, allow the words to sink into your consciousness.

How does it feel to be in rhythm with yourself? Can you sense it when you are out of rhythm?

For me, there is a tightening, a sense of not belonging, the deep knowledge that I am leaving myself behind, letting myself down.

The last two years have been challenging, confusing, and painful. Often, the ground we stood on felt shaky and unsafe. It has been a journey of discovery, all right, but it threw many of us out of rhythm. It is hard to hold on to our rhythm when the world around us is swirling out of control.

Yet, “regaining a sense of our life as a journey of discovery” is what we are called to do. We get distracted and taken off course, yes, but we can always come back home, to ourselves.

It is day 18 of the New Year, the arrival of which signaled the slowing down of the flurry of activities, end-of-year rituals, and celebrations. We have entered the darkest period of the year, the quiet space between endings and new beginnings. January and February mark the slow and arduous march to spring. It can be a difficult time for people.

What if we saw this time as an opportunity to stop and take a deep breath?

We do not need to rush forward if what we need are rest and clarity.

Whose sense of urgency and drumbeat are we following anyway? To return to rhythm with ourselves, we have to let go of the rhythm imposed upon us by other people’s expectations, our environment, conditioning, and the past.

Every new beginning is an invitation to release the old and embark on a new path unfolding ahead with childlike curiosity. It is an opportunity to step outside our comfort zone and meet ourselves where we are, as we are, and prepare to travel with reverence.

“When you take the time to travel with reverence, a richer life unfolds before you.” Reverence is a powerful word. Just saying it out loud or thinking about it brings our whole being to attention.

How can you prepare to travel with reverence?

Begin by creating a safe space where you can return to, sit quietly, and engage in intimate conversation with yourself. Aim for ease and simplicity.

Try to take care of yourself the way you would for a good friend. Eat well, rest as often as you can, and spend time outdoors when possible. Preserve your energy instead of running around, doing what drains you because you are used to it.

Choose who to spend time with and who to confide in. Give yourself permission to say no.

As you go about your days, doing what you have to do, take time to settle in your quiet space alone. Ask the questions you need to know the answers to. Listen and pay attention to what comes up. The burdens of the past, the stories you have been holding on to, the unfulfilled expectations, the joys, sorrows, and the regrets that keep you bound to a time long gone, weighing you down. Remain gentle, open, and honest with yourself.

Below, you can find some questions and prompts that our group reflected upon during our first gathering of the year.

  • What prevents you from being at ease with yourself?
  • Do you find yourself looking in the rearview mirror? What do you see?
  • How does your safe space look like?
  • What energies, attachments, and fears are you ready to release?
  • What do you wish and hope for?

As you surrender to this process, you will come to know, appreciate, and love the person you have become. Eventually, the time will come when you are ready to put down the burden and step forward with confidence and anticipation.

Your life is important and sacred, you are amazing, and there is so much more to you than meets the eye.

At the dawn of possibilities
On the path of a thoughtful new beginning
Our gaze fixed on the horizon straight ahead
Our bodies breathing in and out
Our hoping hearts beating quietly
Sustaining us
Our minds resting

We have traveled here through rain and sunshine
We have proven
Worthy of our gifts, challenges, and hopes

Now, at home with ourselves
We stay present, kind, and open
To receive what is meant to be ours
Although we don’t yet see it clearly
We know it’s all there
Waiting to meet us.

Yota Schneider – The Way Ahead

Wishing you all the rest and quiet you need. May this be a time of discovery and reverence. Here’s to your new beginnings.

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